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bandeau_quercus_portalPlatform of European genomic and genetic data on oaks

Quercus Portal provides access to various databases regarding genetic and genomic resources and information. It includes also a dynamic user interface allowing the submission of complex queries across all data bases (Global Search). Additionally a static section of the portal is devoted to general information of the genus Quercus.




GnpIS is a multispecies integrative information system dedicated to plant and fungi pests. It bridges genetic and genomic data, allowing researchers access to both genetic information (e.g. genetic maps, quantitative trait loci, markers, single nucleotide polymorphisms, germplasms and genotypes) and genomic data (e.g. genomic sequences, physical maps, genome annotation and expression data) for species of agronomical interest. GnpIS is used by both large international projects and plant science departments at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research.  It is regularly improved and released several times per year.

GnpIS is accessible through a web portal, and allows to browse URGI data modules independently or by searching through all the data simultaneously using a quick search (‘google like search’) or advanced search (Biomart, Galaxy, Intermine) tools.

Oak data are available here



The Valley Oak genome sequence

The Valley Oak Genome Project is an over-arching research program centered on an NSF-funded partnership between UCLA and Johns Hopkins University to produce a high quality annotated assembly of tree #786 of Quercus lobata, a widespread California endemic oak species (NSF grant #1444611). Related to this project are several collaborative studies including: first draft genome sequence, reference transcriptome, epigenetic studies, and a provenance study. On this site, the public will be able to access the databases used in these studies and descriptions of the related projects. We hope that this research provides valuable genomic resources to the oak research community and valuable information useful to the management of tree populations.




The Chinese Chestnut genome project

The Chinese Chestnut Genome project provides Draft reference genome, physical map and genetic map. Biomaterial Browser, Libraries,
Physical And Genetic Map, Reference Genome, JBrowse and Transcript Search are also available.






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