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The main financial sources was obtained from the GENOAK project (2011 BSV6 009 01, “Sequencing of the oak genome and identification of genes that matter for forest tree adaptation”) funded by ANR (670k€), INRA (1,200k€) and CEA (400k€) for RNA-seq, WGS, genome assembly and annotation, Genome evolution analysis, speciation among European white oaks and local adaptation of sessile oak populations along a latitudinal gradient using a pool-seq approach.

Additional funding were obtained from :

  • the European Commission’s H2020 Programme as a European Research Council Advanced Grant to Antoine Kremer (no. FP7-339728, TREEPEACE) – Bin mapping , functional and structural annotation of the genome sequence, microRNA sequencing
  • the Laboratory of Excellence ARBRE (ANR-11-LABX-0002-01) – Functional and structural annotation of the genome sequence, annotation Jamboree
  • the European Commission under the FP6 program (FP6-2004-GLOBAL-3, Network of Excellence EVOLTREE “Evolution of Trees as drivers of Terrestrial Biodiversity”, N°016322) – SNP-based linkage maps and BAC-end  sequencing
  • INRA (AIP Bioressources) – BAC library construction and BAC-end sequencing
  • INRA (EFPA division) – Somatic mutation detection
  • France Génomique – Resequencing and the transcriptome analysis of locally adapted populations along an elevation cline in the Pyrenées, eQTL detection and gene network analysis

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